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January 2nd, 2009

12:12 am - New Year, New Life

Isang taon na naman ang lumipas, dati lagi akong mixed emotions pag new year pero ngayon, total bliss that 2008 is finally OVER. given that statement, malamang alam na that 2008 is so not my year - parang ang daming nangyareng masama last year na nagkaroon ng sobrang lakas na effect sa akin, parang nag snowball effect sila ng bongang bonga that i never thought na aayos pa ang lahat.  Ang pagalis ko sa pinakamamahal kong account na TnC, pagdownsize nila ng tao kaya join na lang kame, ang pagalis ng ilang mahal na kaibigan because of that, paglipat sa another account. Sobrang bagong mundo siya na muntikan na akong tuluyang magpadala sa takot at magresign.

Last year din ang pinakamalas ata sa larangan ng pagibig na naisipan pa naming maglabas ng special edition magazine about breakups of 2008, aba hangang sa huling araw ay may mga humabol pa. Walanjo talaga.

Madaming plans din ang hindi natuloy, ang pagpunta sa singapore, malaysia, indonesia, ang pagpunta sa palawan, ang pagresign at paghanap ng panibagong trabaho, ang pagbabalik eskwela. Napakadaming nawala sa plano, isang malaking question mark ang buong pagkatao ko, parang lahat walang seguridad, parang laging nasa dilim.

Hindi man napapansin ng iba, kahit lagi akong nakatawa, kahit anong pagkukunwari at pagpipilit na okay ako...

Pero siyempre sa bawat problemang dinadaanan, sa bawat pagsubok na buong tapang kong hinarap, may kapalit din namang mga magagandang pangyayare. Kung hindi ako lumipat ng account, hindi ko makakaclose ang ilang taong matagal ko ng kasama sa iisang account; si zelle na anim na taon ko na palang kasama sa iisang building (apat sa st raymond's at dalawa sa psc), si gemma ruth, si winalyn beto, pandamer, soffy, joyce, shai, jhaeze, deci, marge, crystal etc; ang mga naiwan na sina jepoy, alpha, brokeback boys, jhean, jen, nyce, ron, tim, met, boy, vj, odette, kads, etc. mga bagong kaibigan from the batch and training team, sina kuya rey, enard, rocky, joanna, si tito marl and gracie. mga naging teammates na sina cookie, angel, jamaica, popsie, *tracey, francis... ang yettis, si aldrin na hanggang ngayon e namimiss ko (yetti, sobrang dami ko ng supply ng lighter kasi wala ka na. boy watching is not the same without you) si may anne na hindi ko alam kung nasaan na at si zelle na katabi ko pa din araw araw :p ang fabulous na annaheim girls & bily - hala zelle kasama ka na naman, kuki, gead, ynan, cy, yachang, meinard, camille, mj, roselle, and bilmore and madam- na nagpapasaya at nagpapatawa sa akin araw araw. sana until next year may aux 3 at 4 pa din kame for more chika and bonding time. Sana matuloy na din tayo sa puerto for more photo ops!

At siyempre dahil hindi na ako bitter, thankful ako dahil kung hindi dahil sa nangyare e hindi ko sana sila naging kaclose at less colorful sana ang life ko.

Of course, i'm uber thankful sa mga high school and college friends ko na nandyan pa din sa tabitabi. For the berks, chan, biwa, ning, nix, denz, margie, hannah, mon, alfred, bryan, mark, allan, zandro: my god, it's more than 16 years of wonderful friendship for most of us. as always, thank you, kahit hindi na tayo nagkikita tulad before, i know lagi lang kayo nandyan for me. for dale na naneglect ko last year, sorry naman at babawi talaga ako :p for 1pol3, boan, julie, yriz, missy, coc, bubbles, michelle, lhen, aileen, arlene, wem, mark, tidon, james, marc, pati na din ang iba pang polsci guys and girls. salamat din sa friendship at sa pagintindi sa mga topak ko... sa napakalaki kong pamilya na lagi lang umaalalay sa akin...

You guys are the best, hindi ko alam kung malalagpasan ko lahat ng trials for the past years, especially last year, without all of you. Salamat talaga ng marami.

***ang mga luhang pumapatak ngayon ay pamamaalam sa mga masasamang nangyare sa 2008. sa bawat patak ng luha, nawa ay maibaon na sa limot ng tuluyan ang pagdurusang handog ng nakaraang taon. At ang ngiting sumisibol sa aking mga labi ay ang pagsaludo sa mga taong patuloy na umaagapay sa akin sa aking paglalakbay at para sa pagharap sa isa na namang taon na puno ng pagasa...

until next year.


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June 13th, 2008

08:23 am - PCCI Basic Photography Workshop June 11-13 2008 by Jun Miranda

sa wakas, after six months, nakapagworkshop na din ako hehehe

what can i say? jun miranda is SOOOO good and he's really nice too. i'm so glad coz i've learned a great deal -not just the technical aspect of photography- almost 48 hours of no sleep is definitely worth it! and it's okay that i waited this long to take the workshop coz i've met so many nice people who shares the same passion for photography - thanks to them, this became a very wonderful experience. i can proudly say na kaya ko ng mabuhay kahit manual at tv mode lang ang gamet :p knowing what aperture, shutter speed, iso, depth of field means and their connection to each other made a lot of difference :p

the evil side of this experience:

1. no sleep - wednesday, from work, i went home, 45 minutes of power nap, ligo, go to pcci, went home by 6pm, called in half day, prepared my things for tomorrow's photoshoot, went to work. thursday, from work, direcho gym (para maligo hehe) direcho pcci, spent better half of the morning in gbelt, went back to pcci to criticize our work, off to roxas blvd from 4pm? till 730pm for another photoshoot. at last nakatulog na but kulang pa din kasi may morning class pa kame kinabukasan :p

2. magastos - ang dame kong gustong bilhin and i-take na course!!!

*** special thanks to seatmate Ace, the canon guy, for the freebies and kwentos hehehe text mo ko kapag nagsale kayo ng lens hihihi i wanna work for canon too! ingit ako hehe.

3. masakit katawan ko - kaw ba naman lumuhod luhod sa kung saan saan para makakuha ng matinong pics plus maglakad sa initan ng araw -para kumuha ng pics at magpose!- habang dala dala yung bag, camera, at tripod

*** patawad sa group pic namen - nakakatamad kasi magscan e hehe

i'm gonna post some of my *works later :p

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January 1st, 2008

07:07 pm - looking back
i'm not really sure why i'm typing this right now. i have no plans whatsoever to review my year since i'm pretty much aware that this is a so-so year, still left in the dark as usual, still the obnoxious spoiled girl in their eyes. i dont really care; i know who and what i am.

god - not very good this year... i dont go to church very often but i still keep in touch ;)
family - good, still bonded
friends - good. found some new friends
job- looking for a better job OR back to school muna
finance- :) i'd keep a savings account next year.
heart - hahaha. funny.

(late this november i actually swore to drop everything and start anew this year. i'm not fond of unfinish business, really. and if ever i dont stick to my words then i'm not gonna shop for three months. no excuses. so late last night, before the year officially ends, i asked for a sign. since he's not much of an sms person (didnt even text me last xmas. he called though) i asked that if he text me before 2008 then i'd RECONSIDER since the past six months is very promising and most of the problems were caused by moi. i actually forgot that i asked for that sign. having colds/flu accompanied by some fever for more than two weeks is unimaginable. i never felt this weak. partying too much is not a very smart thing to do. i cut back on booze and yosi kahit na holidays... i dont even like the smell of yosi. lahat sinasaway ko talaga from my uncles to the customers. grabe! the holiday stress made everything worse. i was even forced to cook and to help sa store kasi our helpers went home to the province. anyway back to the story, since i was dead tired to do anything that requires much energy i decided to catch up on my readings na lang. i was so focused sa story that i didnt noticed my phone beeping nonstop cause when i checked it, i've got five messages in a span of few minutes. and lo and behold, he TXTD me--and not one of those fwd sms! fuck, fuck, fuck. he's thanking for spending the year with him and he's HOPING that we'll spend the next 366 and more days together. lol. oh well, another chance that is. nakakainis kasi parang lahat ng bagay nagle-lead to him... narealize ko nga na tuwing kailangan ko sya andyan sya and insecurities ko lang ang sumisira sa lahat. idk. minsan kasi oa yung reactions ko... hmmm, let's wait and see. 2008 seems to be my year :)

this year's new year is nothing special. we started the day with a mass then spent the better part of the morning reading dan brown before socializing with my family around lunch time. we're not big on new year celebration kasi, idk why kasi siguro we have 2 new year? the traditional and the chinese new year :) ayun after lunch, kwentuhan lang, chika chika and then konting inom then tumakas na ako ulit paakyat sa room ko.

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December 8th, 2007

08:34 pm - updates
well, one thing's for sure. i'm still with peoplesupport for i dunno how long. a few months perhaps? i was prepared na for the ATP or for the resignation. i actually talked to some people na... but then, kanina when i was about to go home tinawag ako ni ru sa meeting room. i swear namutla siguro ako. it can;t be. this can't happen to me, i can;t be the first to go, right? kamusta naman sa pride. ayun, i was shocked when she actually told me that starting tuesday, i'll be transfering to our voice writing account. i was, like, what the fuck? alam ko, it supposed to be a good thing since, according to them, top 2 ako overall (bwahaha. feeling ko gusto lang akong sipain or natatakot sila dahil maldita ako and that i could actually call dole para isumbong sila? :))

shet. today's my last day sa offline and i didnt even had the chance to say goodbye. i want to cry, i really do pero i think ang kapal ng mukha ko if ever i do that. coz supposedly e "safe" na ako from eviction. the only way na i can go back to offline is to fail the training! pero going back to offline means one thing, kasali na naman ako sa hahatulan. oh shit. i was supposed to attend the photog workshop pa naman. i'll take it na lang sa jan/feb :)

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December 7th, 2007

07:08 pm - i'll cross the bridge when i get there
o ayan, na interview na ako kanina. i told them i'm open for training pero i dont know if i'll accept the job. i still hope to be retained to offline team--actually, i'm not sure. i'm sooo tired of their freaking politics. kala nila tanga kame. of course bruha talaga ako at hindi ako makikipagplastikan sa kung sino para lumakas ang kapit ko. i think they're stupid. ayoko silang kausap.

i sent a few resumes too. bahala na. all i know is at least till feb may work ako hahaha.

i'm excited too! i'm just waiting for the freaking result of this err downsizing then i'll ask for a leave. i'm gonna attend a photography workshop under jun miranda of PCCI. wee. wish me luck. i'm starting to get a hang of my 400d but i think i still have MORE to learn :) i'm not regreting buying it kahit na i'm facing this shit. it's one of the things that makes me happy, and keeps me going :)

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December 4th, 2007

06:34 pm - malapit na ata akong mawalan ng trabaho
matutupad na ata pangarap kong maging bum ulit. this may also be my chance to develop my skills in photog hehehe. our team is suffering a lot because of the writer's strike in hollywood. maybe they dont have any freaking idea how many people are actually being affected because of their strike. i'm not so worried about myself cause i'm certain that i will still have food to eat, home to stay but how about those who have families to feed? i dont know what will happen next. they're giving us the option to transfer into other accounts but i dont think i have patience for that. i love my job. i really do. maybe if they'd offer me the same amount they offered the med trans people then i'd gladly resign :)

is this a freaking sign to give up and start anew aka go back to school to please my parents? my mom need not know anything about this. hay this sucks. merry christmas offline fam!

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November 28th, 2007

07:29 pm - YEY. 400d is here na! weee

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November 27th, 2007

07:39 pm - wish
please, please, please, please? mom, please? i promise i will be responsible. *sigh* i really really want it. please? di talaga ako mapakali! please, mom, please? i promise to limit my shopping to 1k a month for three months! hay. just please.

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November 22nd, 2007

05:38 pm - confession
ngayon ko lang napatunayan that i have this thing with "sales" as you all know, the whole america's celebrating thanksgiving today, and thanksgiving tantamounts to sale. in fact, day after thanksgiving, they do have this so called Black Friday wherein almost all the malls open up as early as 3am and drop their prices like crazy! yun ang sale! walang binatbat ang mga sale dito sa pinas! well, syempre i may not be physically there pero there's always online shopping and they offer sales too (some companies even offer free shipping on top of the discount). so there, i gave in and purchased some full pots hehehe. there goes my dslr fund! what the hell. bahala na.

i pmed my contact about adjusting the napagkasunduang price for the 400d. if she/he accepts my proposal then i'd buy it :) if not, then it means it's not meant to be.

there are lots and lots of things in my mind right now... hayyyy

anyhow, happy thanksgiving everyone!

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November 5th, 2007

09:04 pm - the decision has been made!
i decided to keep my old school camedia. i know it's really bulky and all, but for four years, it's been a really good companion and not a single malfunction. not to mention that i/we really looks good on it haha. 3.2 megapixel is just perfect for personal camwhoring stuff. i just need to buy a new xd card!

also, instead of a laptop or a d80, i decided to buy an ericsson p1i and a dresser first :) i forgot to take into consideration that i dont have a cellphone for the moment haha. i'm using syoti's spare cp and he's been bugging me for weeks to buy my own :)

anyways, may pupunta bang singapore? or gusto nyo ba pumunta sa singapore with me? haha. i heard d80 (body) is around 38k lang dun. like, SHIET i'm so going there soon! hmm, everything's going according to my plan (evil laugh)

OR, i'd settle for d40x or 400d since i'm still a beginner in this. and then after a year or two, after i actually understand the ISOs and other techie stuffs about dslr then i'd go for a much powerful dslr :) ---i think this is the best plan :)

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